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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Skylara Wolfbane

Name: Skylara Wolfbane
Age: Around 109 but looks around 21.
Gender: Female
Hair colour: Light Brown
Eye colour: Silver but turn yellow when she turns into a wolf.
Hight: Around 5.3
Weight: Average
Personality: Nice,often sarcastic,witty and kind.
Wears: Army boots,black jeans, snazzy canvas crossover military jacket fastened.
Nationality and Accent: English. Normal...Englishy accent.
Family: None.
History: Not much is known. She spent a few years studying animals around the world but decided to put her powers to a better use and become a magical crime fighter when she was about 30.
Powers: Can turn into any animal,human or creature except for vampires.
Favorite weapons: Doesn't normally carry any but is sometimes seen with a bow and quiver or a crossbow.
Other skills: Horse-riding (although not really needed as she can turn into a horse), running,reading,making people laugh,being too sarcastic so people get offended,archery,fencing.
Friends: Nicolette Croga, Israel Elysium, Sarthacus Bolt, Bridget Whiplash, Dragona Pine,Cornelious Kromwell, Leo Sparks, Florence Black, Kallista Pendragon.,Darkane Claw, Sabien Mist, Necros, Lillivale Diamondsnipes, Aquila Felis, Lunar Tears.
Enemies: A few on and off.
Hates: Remnants, Doctor Nye, the smell of rotting flesh, banchees, peanut butter,being ignored,cruelty to animals (if she sees it,she turns into a lion and eats whoever is doing it alive.)
Likes: Being with friends,crime-fighting, animals, Skulduggery Plesant (as in a very big fan of his work), running in the woods as a wolf, sour cream&onion pringles,reading fiction books in spare time,watching Doctor who and Sherlock.
Address: Has a house in Irlandy and one somewhere in the English coutryside. Also has a flat in central London for when she visits.
Job: Magical Crime-fighter.
Mode of transportation: Has a land-rover but mainly just turns into an animal and runs/flys.
Never seen without: Her snazzy military canvas jacket (which she adores) it looks kinda like this but with a buckle across and lower shoulders: http://www.balmainstore.com/images/Canvas-military-jacket.jpg
Description: Average height and build, long layered light brown hair that whips around her face.
In Five Words: Agile, caring, funny, friendly, witty.


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