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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kalia Mist

Name- Kalia Mist
Age- Now, there's a complicated question. She could either be as old as humanity, or she could be seventeen.
Gender- Female
Hair- Medium, curly, black, shiny, often hidden beneath a hood, side parting on the right hand side.
Eyes- Black all over, shiny, although only like this aged seventeen and over.
Height- 5ft dead- although she's quite sensitive about it.
Weight- Depends whether or not she has moulded an ancient artifact of pure destruction with her blood or not.
Overall Appearence- Her skin is very pale, almost white, and she has a long scar with black stitches through it over her right eye. She has a small nose and black lips with fangs and a black, forked tongue, although these, again, are only inherited after her seventeenth birthday. She has long legs but a very short torso. She has black claws, often with red skulls painted on the backs, but only after her seventeenth birthday.
Nationality- Hmm, she can't remember where her original birthplace floated off to after the continents drifted apart.
Clothes- A long, indestructable, black jacket with a sewn-on hood that often flows and flaps like bat's wings. A gun belt with bullets along the outside and two holsters, all silver. A plain, short-sleeved, black t-shirt and long, flowing, black jeans. She also has black boots, but these are often hidden beneath her trousers. She rarely wears anything else.
Occupation- Proffesional murderer and cannibal
Abilities- She has always had the ability to produce multicoloured streams of light from her body, which are pure destruction and can turn anything instantly to dust, no matter how it is protected, but she does not know how to master them until her soul is fully aligned. She inherits the ability to eat people along with her fangs and forked tongue, along with the ability to see in the dark, climb up vertical surfaces, or even on ceilings, heal herself, make her skin indestructable, and incredible stregnth (the most she can lift is a car). Also, she has heightened senses, but her greatest one is her sense of smell- she can smell what blood type you are, what you're feeling, and whether or not you're evil.
Weapons- Two identical twin silver pistols that are magically unable to miss any given target, and also a silver sacreficial dagger that she straps to the inside of her boot.
Personality and opinions- She likes reading, and hates modern technology. Her belief is that all animals in the world are equal, but it is important to hunt and kill them in the wild to give them adventure and to ensure the balance of nature, and that keeping them in cages and quietly executing them is wrong, because life needs to be enjoyed, no matter how long it lasts. Also, she later inherits a worship for Death, a.k.a- The Grim, and sees him as a release and a natural state of being. She is fiery and easily insulted, but witty and humourous. She lives for the moment and has no care for rules or authority figures, as they only keep her caged. She is intelligent, but not extreemly so, and is quite a dare devil. She likes life on the edge, and will hunt and kill not just for food but for the thrill of it.
Species- She is a Reaper- a type of being that worships the Grim as a god and can only devour and kill people of evil in their world. They cannot eat anything but uncooked, unchanged meat and the more alive and big it is, the more energy it gives them. They believe their natural place in the world is eating anyone evil so they can face their judgement after death. Reapers live in exile, and are feared by most creatures. Therefore, very few have heared of them, and even fewer believe they exist.
Associates- She is friends with Kip Darkos and Angelista Skaa, she knows Aquila Felis, Dragona Pine, Niall Montblanc, Lego Incongruous, Venice Rain, Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain and Tanith Low. Her source of information is Vladican Drab, although he isn't entirely to be trusted.
History- Oh, boy- this one could take a while. Okay, so she was born during the dawn of humanity, when the first sorcerers were just starting to emerge. Following the deaths of everyone in her village due to mysterious dissapearances, she turned to death itself for answers. He granted her the ability to remember her past lives each time she regenerated, and each body she had looked a lot like her original. She became the world's first Reaper. She devoured many wolves, which helped save many lives, but she would often "steal" a few villagers and devour them if there were no wolves to be had. Still, the first sorcerers, who were later reffered to as "Ancients", thought she was the only person to help her during this moment of crisis- The Faceless Ones were out of control. So, she consulted Death again, and he helped her create The Sceptre Of The Ancients, which she used against the Faceless Ones to send them to a far away dimension, where they could never return, or at least she hoped. With the world saved, Mystica (for this was her name at the time) found that most of the villagers turned on her, some wanting revenge, and some just afraid of her. So, she killed them all, devouring the lot of them, even their children, until she was left with no one. Furious with herself and the Sceptre, she tossed it far beneath the earth and lept into a deep ocean, where she died for the first time. For millions of years, she was returning, killing, dying, and returning again, and Death created more Reapers to join her, but none of them were as powerful- none of them could produce pure destruction from their bodies, and none of them were as fast or as strong. She set up a Reaper Cult, where they could relax and be away from the world, and named it Mysticala. The Reapers called her "The Living Death". They, too, could come back after death, and she would enjoy their company for all eternity. However, it was not to last. Almost four hundred years ago, a man by the name of Lord Vile sought to bring back the Faceless Ones with several others, but Mystica was not bothered about them. No, Vile was special- he had a thirst for blood and the only thing she could smell on him was old bones and evil. He sought to prevent Mystica's return by killing her each time she returned, before her seventeenth birthday. But the war eventually ended, and Kalia Mist was born in the twenty-first centuary, but she was to face several problems, as Mystica always had. For starters, her father was murdered a little after her seventeenth birthday, the only family she had. Now alone, Kip and Angelista saved her and she helped them fight against the murderers, who wanted to use her and the Sceptre to bring back the Faceless Ones. How this story ends and continues is at firstly; http://kaliamist.blogspot.com/ and then; http://kaliamcobwebs.blogspot.com/

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