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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tanya Espionage

NAME: Tanya Espionage
AGE: 33 looks about 20
GENDER: female
HAIR COLOR: white blond and very long (goes to the backs of her knees) most often braided to keep it out of the way
EYE COLOR: dark gray around the edges, then fades to almost white by the pupal
HEIGHT: not short, fun sized
WEIGHT: skinny
PERSONALITY: mellow, almost. sarcastic and quick witted, slightly arrogant
WEARS:  black, Army surplus, most anything
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Russian! her accent thickens then she gets exited
HISTORY: At age two she was kidnapped by Billy-Ray Sanguine, who then trained her to be an assassin, she turned him in, then went off as a freelance
FAMILY: dead (so Billy-Ray says. he might lie, he might not)
POWERS: Much like Tanith Low's. walks on walls/ceilings, can do some healing spells
FAVORITE WEAPONS: A lovely Dragunov sniper rifle [link] uses throwing knifes when she needs to be quite
OTHER SKILLS: Very fast and strong, but not in-humanly. is a contortionist
FRIENDS: Many, surprising because of her job
ENEMY'S: mostly the family's of people that she's killed
HATES: when people mistake her for a "bad guy"
LIKES: Russia
ADDRESS: somewhere in Moscow doesn't really tell people
JOB: mercenary, assassin,  body guard
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: This Mustang [link] it oozes rich Russian assassin class
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Some form of weapon
DESCRIPTION: Read this [link]
IN FIVE WORDS: She is really damn awesome
QUOTE: Черт бы тебя побрал! (Damn you!)
FUN FACT: she is rich


English to Russian translator [link]


  1. AWESOME! What a great character! Can I use her in my stories??????? Please????? I can't wait to hear more about her as I'm sure you are including her in your stories! :D

  2. i, Lizzy, give full permission to you, Kallista, to use my OC,Tanya, in your awesome storys

    i sound like a lawyer :D

  3. AWESOME CHARACTER LIZZY!! Can't wait to see her used in many stories to come!