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Friday, December 31, 2010

Yay! New Background!

Hey Y'all, I'm getting sick of the boring notebook paper background, so we're going to vote! You each get three votes, but you can't vote more then twice for each image. So vote for your favorites and whichever image gets the most votes wins and is the new background. Everyone got it? Ok, here are the backgrounds.

Number One

Number Two

Number Three 
Number Four

Number Five

Number Six

Number Seven

Number Eight

Number Nine

 Number Ten
(this is the one we have now)

Happy Voting Y'all!


  1. I vote 2, 3, 6.
    And anybody who votes diffrently is gonna hear from me!

    *pulls up her sleeve, makes a fist and glares crazily at everyone*

    *slinks away as everyone jeers at her*

    *gets struck by lightning*

  2. *tackles Pandora and stickes bananas in her ears*

    Now Pandora. You didn't listen to me. :P

  3. *screams out crazily*

    2, 3, 6!!!!!!

    *glares at everyone*

  4. *Shoots bananas at Kallista*
    *Laughs crazily*
    *Runs off*

  5. Oh! Yay! I get to vote twice!
    Well, here it is again.


  6. erm.....im gonna have to go foooorrrrr...2,3 and 8 :D

  7. Ok everyone! the voting is closed! Larry the zombie, Fred and Hestia's votes do not count because they are just Kallista under a different name. The winner will be self-explanatory.