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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thrice Dozers O.C.

AGE: spends so much time sleeping never appears to age (13)
NAME: Thrice Dozer
GENDER: male
EYE COLOUR: looks like the one big pupil
HEIGHT: 4 ft 10 and a half
WEIGHT: 6 stone
WEARS: jeans, a t-shirt of any colour and any jumper
HISTORY: unknown, yet it is a theory that he was among the first children of the ancients and fell asleep and woke up in the twenty first century, yet another theory is he was actually an ancient who helped in the great first war
FAMILY: possibly the ancients, definitely has a sister (called Nyssa) who never sleeps and another sister (called Reyna) who spreads nightmares, they are triplets. he seeks revenge on them both as when they were children (before the really long sleep) they were playing when his two siblings threw stones at them and ran away
ENEMIES: brother and sister, people who stay up late
FRIENDS: everyone who is nice to him
MAGIC: putting animals, people and beings to sleep (it really drains him) and spreading good dreams
DISTINCTIVE FEATURES: really messed up hair
PERSONALITY: sleepy, not mean, not nice, hates conflict, puts wars to sleep. clumsy
FAVORITE QUOTE : wha? whosaywhat? 57 sheep
LIKES: sleep
HATES: nightmares, bad dreams, mushrooms
JOB: nightmare hunting
FAVORITE WEAPONS: prefers not to fight, if he has to uses his wicked, long curved and barbed scythe
OTHER SKILLS: when he is bound and not able to use magic, he can yawn and make other stop in their tracks to yawn too. he is able too cook too. 
ADDRESS: has no house, instead he just sleeps wherever
TRANSPORT: can accidentally teleport while sleeping
IN FIVE WORDS: a really sleepy, calm guy

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