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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Tears O.C

NAME: Lunar Tears
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5ft 10
WEIGHT: None of Your Business
PERSONALITY: Friendly, strange, CAN be scary, patient, laughs a lot, but can get mysterious and serious. Well organised and practical. Very wise and intelligent.
WEARS: Black. Black jumpsuit with knee-length black boots. Wears black gloves and usually wears a black fedora hat.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: English, North-East accent.
HISTORY: Found out about magic at 13, from unreliable teenage mages. At first, she was part of the English Sanctuary, helping capture escaped criminals. She stayed there for two years, and was one of those who helped capture Founden Rool, the serial killer that killed England's Grand Mage. Left to travel more and explore with teleportation. Is close friends with England's new Grand Mage, Proten Saviour. Rumour says she killed her brother, Blareton Hare, although there is no scientific evidence to support the rumour.
FAMILY: One twin sister. Her only other family died in a house fire, while her brother died in mysterious circumstances.
POWERS: Teleportation and Elemental. New at teleportation and is training with Fletcher Renn.
FRIENDS: Loopa Shade (Necromancer), Proten Saviour (Elemental) and Susan Rowell (Mortal).
ENEMY'S: Rupun Sadist, Hope Blue and Roma Doom.
HATES: Justin Bieber and Brussel Sprouts.
LIKES: Chocolates and Ian Somerhaulder.
ADDRESS: Travels around the world. Doesn't have a permanent address.
JOB: Teaches young mages magic, while she travels.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Teleportation. When she hasn't been somewhere before, she uses her trusty motorbike.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her sword, her boots and her cloaking sphere.
DESCRIPTION: A tall, interesting young woman, with waist-length hair and compassionate features. Kind but annoying, flexible beyond words, do not underestimate.
IN FIVE WORDS: An annoying, friendly, strange  creature.
QUOTE: I'm as Ready as a Bag of Ready Salted Crisps.


  1. Can I please be your friend? Also can I use your OC in my Fanfic?

    One more thing. DO you think you could find and example of the outfit your OC wears? Or something close to it?

    Thanks Lunar!

  2. Of course you can use my OC Kallista! I would be most honoured! *curtsies*

    And I shall post a few things my OC is most likely to wear on here, and in what situations. :)

    *curtsies again*

  3. YAY!!! But can I be a friend too?

    *gives her puppy dog eyes*