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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kallista Pendragon

Name: Kallista Pendragon
Age: 16 years old
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue-green
Height: 5'6       
Weight: Light
Personality: Mysterious, yet cunning and mischievous, humorous and a bit of a trickster,  in a clandestine way;
 tempered with a kind, loyal and protective nature towards friends. She is also protective of animals and
iindividuals who are weaker, innocent, poor, and good.
Wears: Anything from the Kodona to Aristocrat Lolita and Asian inspired clothing:Traditional to Modern.

Here is a link to a post of what she typicly wears.

Nationality & Accent: Part Japanese, part Scottish/English, and part Greek. No accent but can
 mimic any accent as needed. She speaks clearly and precisely.
History: Born with a twin sister in America, parents disappear mysteriously. Smuggled into Europe and placed in an Romanian orphanage at age two, along with twin sister Kalliope. While there they received good care and instruction from an American teacher. Learns all the forms of martial arts from a sympathetic and kind Japanese man living in the town near the Orphanage. At age 10, Kallista discovers Elemental magic. Kalliope has none. She keeps it a secret that only her sister knows and is a little afraid of this strange power. But soon after is discovered and kidnapped by a Elemental Mage known only as Eli Lonestar. Separated from her sister, she is forced to be an apprentice to this strange mage. He teaches her all he knows of magic. She allows this until the day she becomes stronger. But before she can have revenge on him for stealing her away from her sister, Eli dies a mysterious death. Happy to escape, she vows never to lose her freedom again. She is fourteen. She goes back to the orphanage to reunite with her sister, but finds Kalliope has vanished soon after  her kidnapping. Kallista hears of Skulduggery and employs him to help her find her sister. He agrees reluctantly but sympathetic. He can not commit fully as he is needed at the Irish Sanctuary but does help her track her sister to America. He leaves her in Virginia, confident that all will end up well for the sisters. But Kallista finds that her sister has been placed in a reformed school for dangerous girls. In the course of her trying to find and free her sister, Kallista ends up in the school as well. It is a cruel dark place and all the other girls are mistreated. It is then that Kallista learns her sister has been killed. Angry and vowing her revenge yet forced to hide her magic, she schemes up a plan that in the end, blows up the School after tricking everyone to evacuate. She is successful at last in getting justice on the staff of the reformed school. They are arrested by the mortal police but Kallista has caught the public attention. She becomes a media sensation for children's rights everywhere. Because of the attention, Kallista flees to the magical community in America for help. She is assisted in getting to the Irish Sanctuary. Once there, she is reunited with Skulduggery for a brief time. He helps her locate Eli's main residence in Ireland, An old Gothic Church where she can live. But Skulduggery is called away again. A close friend who was a writer, has been murdered. She meets more people in the magical community and becomes friends with many of them. Meanwhile a mortal detective is following her.
Family: No known history on her family, only that she had a sister. It is not know who her parents are or if they are even alive. Kallista plans on investigating once she has furthered her magical studies.
Powers: She is a definite Elemental but has dabbled in other magical abilities as well. She has until age 20 or 21 to decide what her discipline will be.
Favorite Weapons: Japanese samurai sword, Japanese hair picks, a Japanese fan, hand to hand combat.
Other Skills: She is skilled at fire arms, all forms of martial arts and is a master illusionist.
Friends: Necros, Thor, Octaboona, Nicolette Croga,  Skyril Oblivion, Jodi Harte, Israel Elysium, Bridget Whiplash, Skylara Wolfbane, Evangeline Crow, Aquila Felis, Insanity Nova Moonshine, Sarthacus Bolt, Dragona Pine, Florence Black, Alex Night, Darkane Claw, Mary Hiashi, Deryn Mellifluous , Leo Sparks, Lillivale Diamondsnipe, Thrice Dozer, Nyx Dawn, Lunar Tears, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, Jaffa Morbid, Rosella Embers, Morgana Wolf, Niall Montblanc, Everisse EternaGepard ValkLilith Nightshade, Thalia Circe, Tristessa Murano, Soot Featherwing, and March Pathway, Arcturus Lakison, Kenneth James Lakison.
Enemies: Zombies, Drug warlords, Human traffickers, Dusk, Remnants, human and animal abusers
Hates: Zombies, Drug warlords, Human traffickers, Dusk, Remnants, human and animal abusers, people who pick their noses, don't wash their hands, prunes, and bad smells.
Likes: Music, animals, children, friends, sushi, martial arts, fashion, fine dining, beating up bullies and killing zombies
Address: An old Gothic church somewhere in Ireland, converted to be a home dwelling. Use to be owned by Eli Lonestar. Now belongs to Kallista.
Job: Spy
Mode of Transportation: Silver and black 2010 Ninja 2x14
Never Seen Without: A Mona-Lisa type smile on her face
Description: She is still very young, exotic, of medium height but very graceful and slender, giving her the appearance of being taller. She has thick long shiny black hair. She usually has her hair styled to fit with whatever she is wearing that day, whether the Kodona Lolita, Aristocrat Lolita, or Asian inspired clothing, she dresses with dramatic flair. She appears calm with a Mona Lisa smile.
In Six Words: Beautiful, Clandestine, Clever, Strong, Talented, Charming.
Quote: Sacré bleu