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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


First of all: I think the idea for AU OC’s is an epic idea. I remember my first creation of Israel *shudder* and I’ll be keeping most of those details here.

Second of all: Mar, you said 'Maybe EA could be a boat!' and I was like ' :D That's an epic idea!' and then I reread it, just now, and saw that you said 'preferably not, tho...'


Sorry... ;P

NAME: (See, when I first made Israel, his name was, quite boringly, ‘Israel Matteus’. But, to keep this entire thing a bit different, I shall now reuse the name ‘Jericho’ because it’s like...awesome...)

Jericho Matteus

AGE: 163, looks 24
HAIR: Dark, chocolate brown hair. Bushy and wavy/curly. His face is always clean-shaven.
EYE COLOR: Dark blue.
HEIGHT: After all these years, I still suck with height and weight measurements. Uhhhh...six foot? Is that high enough? >.<
WEIGHT: ...75 kg? Like Israel; Not thin nor fat and not incredibly well-built. Although, Jericho is much more agile than Israel is.
PERSONALITY: Jericho is reserved and incredibly focused at the best of times, and loud and imprecise at the worst. He is kind-hearted, and likes taking on the responsibility of a Captain, or the man in charge.
WEARS: Black trench-coat, black jeans, plain, grey t-shirt.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Jericho is Australian, hailing from Sydney.
HISTORY: Jericho was born of magical parents, who raised him well. For the first twenty-five years of his life, Jericho worked with his father, a sailor, on the boats in Circular Quay, Sydney. He will never forget the skills that his father taught him during those years. His mother, on the other hand, was the kind that went out for action and adventure. She was a hired gun and one of the best shots in the industry. She taught Jericho how to handle a gun, and how to keep it and clean it.
She was shot and killed in a job she had been hired to take when Jericho was 30. His father spiralled into depression and passed away ten years later.
In their honour, Jericho began to build the Albatross from the wreck of an out-of-service Galleon. When a ship carrying the Antikythera was wrecked in 1901, and Jericho quickly stole the item after hearing a rumour of its power, he began to make huge additions to the Albatross- the large steam engines far below in the hold, and the large wings folded into the side of the ship. Another addition that he added, with the help of many great magical scientists, was a huge Cloaking Sphere, located in the bowels of the ship, alongside the steam engines. Unlike the smaller version, this larger cloaking sphere is constantly shifting and rotating, as it is built out of many parts. Ancient markings crawl all over the surface of the sphere, alive with a glowing energy.
It was later that year that he found Serenity Island and claimed it.
To date, he spends most of his time helping his friends, flying his boat, and save the world.
FAMILY: Jericho’s parents are both deceased. He had a younger sister, but she was killed decades ago. No-one knows how, except him.
POWERS: He is an Adept, and uses a few tricks that he has learnt over the years. One of these tricks is uses some of his power to shoot blue orbs of energy at high speed from the end of his staff (below). He has no power connected to his gun, however.
His main power is the ability to slow down time. It drains himself so fast, however, that he can only hold it up for periods of about twenty seconds or so at a time. And after each time he uses that power, he has to recuperate for a bit before he slows down time again.
FAVORITE WEAPONS: Jericho uses two weapons. One of them is a telescopic staff, about a foot long when shortened and six foot when fully extended. On the end of the rod is an ornament of silver, in the shape of a bird in flight. The bird is an Australian Magpie, although it is hard to identify this unless you are close to the staff and can see the detailed patches moulded into the statuette. The silver is not pure, rather an alloy in an attempt to make it stronger. This allows for the bashing of skulls with the end of the staff. The staff sits in a modified leather armpit-holster, hanging from underneath his left armpit.
As mentioned above, he can shoot blue energy from the staff, no matter whether the staff is collapsed or fully extended. There is no switch or trigger for this.
The other weapon he uses is a lever action, Model 1887 sawn-off shotgun. (This is the gun I first gave Israel, before I chose his double-barrel shotgun.) The gun is strapped to his upper thigh so it can be easily unholstered. There is nothing special about the gun, and it shoots normal buckshot rounds.

(^the shotgun^)
OTHER SKILLS: Unlike Israel, Jericho is actually fit. He is agile from years of scaling buildings and ship masts alike.
FRIENDS: (I’m just going to c+p the friend list on Israel’s bio, and it can be updated later if need be)
Kallista Pendragon, Aquila Felis, Nicolette Croga, Jodi Harte, Skylara Wolfbane, Bridget Whiplash, Skyril Oblivion, Mary Hiashi, Leo Sparks, Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, China Sorrows, Fletcher Renn, Finbar Wrong, Kenspeckle Grouse, Tanith Low, Ghastly Bespoke.

(I just realised, that because of Jericho living in an AU, he probably won’t know half of these people. All their names and personalities will be different...)

ENEMIES: Jericho makes enemies like he makes friends. He introduces himself, tries to shoot them, tries to arrest them, and then tries to be their friend. If the person makes it through to the third round, then chances are that they are going to have a long friendship.
HATES: The story of ‘Titanic’. Not only because he thinks the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio was possibly the worst chick flick ever made, but also because he secretly fears that there’s an iceberg out there somewhere, just waiting for him to crash into it. And with every passing day, the iceberg grows stronger...
(Personally, he’s pro-Global Warming.)
Oh, yeah. And he hates clearing the bottom of his ship from Faeries.
LIKES: Flying aboard his ship. Sailing. Doing...Captain-y things. Rooftop chases. High-rise sky-scrapers.
ADDRESS: Somewhere in the Tasman Sea, between New Zealand and the South-East point of Australia. He lives on an island high above the clouds, there, suspended by an unknown magic. He found the island sometime in 1901 and ever-so-slowly claimed it as his own, making sure he wasn’t about to set off some ancient curse that would end the world. Over the next hundred years he set to work creating a sky-dock for his boat, and a homey little cottage set just inland of the small island. Any of his friends are welcome to live aboard his boat or on the island, and he has a dozen temporary tents stashed in one of his cupboards. For any permanent residents, he helps them build small houses nearby to his.
The island in itself if a wonder of fresh-water lakes and lush plant life. The island is the most beautiful place he’s ever known, and he regrets that he doesn’t get to spend much time there. There are cascading waterfalls and a towering mountain and even a small pine forest abundant with magical and mortal animals alike. It is one of the great mysteries to him where the island even came from, or how the animals live there, or how the fresh water never runs out... But Jericho’s never been one for great mysteries. It’s become his home, his personal sanctuary- his very own slice of serenity. And that’s what he ended up calling it- Serenity Island.
JOB: Jericho works freelance. He finds himself being brought into the fights of his friends and has no choice but to help them. In the past he has worked with Sanctuaries all over the world and will no doubt continue to.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: For long-distance travel, he uses his boat, the Albatross, which he will sail in normally until he is too far out to sea for mortal eyes to follow. He then initiates the Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient object the mortals found and labelled as a way of calculating astronomical positions. However, the truth is that –with some focused magic right into the centre of the deteriorating object- it can actually lessen the gravity of any given area. After a month of fiddling, Jericho managed to get the Antikythera Mechanism’s gravity-changing powers to focus on his boat. Therefore, once he places his palm on the ancient artefact and diverts some of his magic directly into it, the ship is spectacularly lifted right out of the water. Then, large fan-like ‘wings’ unfold from the sides of the boat and are powered by steam to propel the ship through the air. A larger ‘wing’ also extends from the end of the massive rudder to help steer. The ship is not, however, very fast.
For regular travel on land, he uses a dusty Toyota Ute.
NOTES: He’s not an alcoholic. That’s right. The strongest he’s ever enjoyed has been the occasional glass of wine.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: His staff, his black trenchcoat.
IN FIVE WORDS: Holy crap, a flying boat!


  1. LOL This whole bio is so epica I would have to practicly rewrite teh whole thing to list all that I love about it.
    FTW Jericho and his flying ship and island are so AMAZING and delgihtful!
    Your talent for writign and creating oc's and plots, and settings is genius Hellboy!
    You always have been one of the best among us!

  2. *jaw drops*

    THIS IS AMAZING! You are so brilliant with creating characters! You have an incredible talent. And the boat xD
    The back history is so good.

    Well done! Definitely the best one so far :)


    Seriously, this was fantastic. I love how all the minor details add up and make him a different character, it's very clever.

    I tip my hat to you, sir. I especially love the powers and Serenity Island, as well as the Albatross.


    *flails in random directions*

    ...You are all very beautiful people. ;_; You're just so amazing and I'm so glad to be your friend- *falls off the chair* -ASDFGHJKL WHY


  6. Haha!
    This OC is completely and utterly BRILLIANT!

    Serenity Island, ay? Nice... I think my OC needs to take a vacation there one of these days... ~grins~ Maybe it will be attacked by pirates... futuristic cowboy pirates...

    Wow... I'm seriously going to have to work hard to make an alternate universe OC as awesome as these... :P

  7. LOL XD Yes, the, uh...name was completely original...and the references to a flying boat/ship was 100% unintentional...