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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Alternate Universe Skyril Oblivion

NAME: Scarlet Sky Hope

AGE: 17

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Flaming red, past the shoulders, usually up in a pony tail
or poofing out of a hat, especially fedoras or tophats or those hats
golfers wear.


HEIGHT: Not short not tall? 5.8?

WEIGHT: Relative?

PERSONALITY: Gotta love the sarcasm, truthful to a fault, upbeat,
brave, but lets the guys be gentlemanly and go first because she gets
kick out of it.

WEARS: A lot of indigo to spite the scientists who declare it absent in
the rainbow. A lot of sleek [but comfortable and with enough room to
move around in a fight] dresses and skirts, the occasional pair of
jeans on a lazy day, blouses, fingerless gloves.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Half Australian, half Irish. Lived half the
year in each place, but developed more of an Aussy accent because she talked to more Aussy mages than anybody in Ireland

HISTORY: Her mother was hamster and her father smelled of elderberries.

Ok, no, not really. She forced me to put that in there ~points at
Scarlet who is laughing hysterically in the background~

Moving on... Scarlet was raised by her brother, who was an elemental.
She never knew her parents, as they died in a fire a year after she was
born. Her brother, whose taken name WAS actually John Smith, was twenty
when his parents died. He took Scarlet in and was practically her
father, although she only got to see him every now and then. In the
beginning years, he took off of work completely, having saved extra
money from his job. When Scar turned five, he left for a year, and she
stayed either with her mortal aunt Matilda in Ireland or Israel Elysium at his
manor in Australia.

   John's job being Assassinations, he kept it secret from her, but
taught her magic and how to protect herself. She always preferred the
odd tricks and comical schemes, and picked up more as an adapt then an
elemental. She especially knew how to sneak around well, and at fifteen
slipped into his secret room and discovered his profession. At first, she was horrified, but she quickly got over it as she loves her brother too much. He found out someone broke in and discussed it with her, and they came to the agreement that nothing would change.

  Currently, she lives on her own as a rogue spy for whichever sanctuary she's nearest too at the time. Or occasionally she's hired for an odd investigation here and there, especially when the client requires confidentiality. She tries to only take honest jobs though, and has been known to return the stipend she was given if she discovers something she doesn't like or doesn't want to be involved in.
 When in Australia, she'll often stay at Elysium Asylum. Sometimes she likes to travel with Jericho Matteus on the Albatross. Once, she stayed on his island Serenity for a whole month when an unpleasant enemy assassin was trying to get to her brother through her. John Smith took care of him, however.

  When in Ireland, Scarlet stays with her brother at his house, and she never fails to drop in entirely unexpectedly on Kallista Pendragon, whom she met one night at a bowling alley.

Takes the occasional trip to America where sometimes does business with the sanctuary, but usually to visit Nights Raven, who is her archery rival and friend.

FAMILY: Her mortal aunt Matilda, and her brother John Smith are her only surviving relatives she knows about

POWER: Invisibility is the Scarlet's main power. No, she doesn't have to be naked. She only uses it on rare occasions, however, preferring instead to use her own skills to sneak around. She can turn someone else invisible if she's touching him, and she wants him to be invisible. Other odd tricks are Withstand for doors and windows, the ability to unlock things [doors, windows, boxes, pretty much anything with a lock on it] with magic, very small illusions [like making a one dollar bill look like a one hundred dollar bill].

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Her bow, Firefly, and her mallet,Cornelius [nick named PopCorn]

OTHER SKILLS: Very good at sneaking around. Great with magic tricks the mortals use.

FRIENDS: A mortal named Isaac whom she went to school with in Ireland, an Australian sanctuary agent named Steve Buchanan, Israel Elysium, Jericho Matteus, Kallista Pendragon, Nights Raven, Skylara Wolfsbane, Bridget Whiplash, some other residents of Elysium Asylum, Raphael Pendragon.

ENEMY'S: No one in particular.

DISLIKES: Sunlight, it's bad for sneaking around in. Snipers are evil. Staircases are evil.

LIKES: Goofing around, rain, snow, sleet, likes a lot of things in general that most other people wouldn't.

OTHER: The Count of Monte Christo and Pride and Prejudice are tied as Scarlet's favorite movies. Firefly, Pushing Daisies, Doctor Who, and BBC Sherlock are her favorite shows. Loves reading fiction.

ADDRESS: Nothing specific.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: When she's not traveling with Jericho Matteus, she tends to take a boat, especially fancy cruises she can sneak onto with her bow and mallet. On land, Evanescence, her motorcycle.


  1. This is fantastically brilliant awesomesauce.

    The Monty Python reference made me laugh :D


    Well done on this OC. She's great!

    1. It was all her idea! ~Points to Scarlet who strikes a pose~


  2. So awesome! :'D

    The bow is named Firefly. I see what you did there...

    Fantastic that you've chosen for her to sometimes live on the Albatross, thankyou for the mention :)

    Can't wait for someone to put all of these characters in a story. And if no-one does it soon, I just might.

    1. Yeah, well you HAD already stolen Serenity, hadn't you? ~waggles eyebrows~ :P

      Yup, definitely wanted to travel on the Albatross!! It's so STEAMPUNKY


  3. John Smith, the greatest name in the universe.
    Of course, Scarlet Hope stands close behind.

    *laughs* She's excellent, Skyril.
    Sounds like an awesome character to have around, if you happen to live in an alternate universe. I can't wait for her to be put to use. ^-^

  4. FTW SHE'S EPICA! DELIGHTFUL! PERFECT! YAY! I hope she is friends with Raff too! I want to hear the story of that meeting she had with Kallista. :D I bet it was fun!
    *hgus tight* Well doen on yet another AweSOmr OC!

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