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Monday, July 25, 2011

Lego Incongruous

NAME: Lego Incongruous

AGE: 17


HAIR: long lavender hair, held back by two plastic, skull barrettes.

EYE COLOUR: dark green

HEIGHT: 5 feet even

WEIGHT: 120 pounds

PERSONALITY: Slightly antisocial. There are a few wonderful people, which is the only reason she doesn’t get herself turned into a hedgehog to avoid human contact. She’s generally thoughtful, but when someone makes her angry, she is very angry. She dislikes violence, and loves animals more than anything. Lacks a general belief in the importance of reality, which seems to annoy people. She has really strong beliefs, and refuses to bend them for anyone.

NATIONALITY/ACCENT: American, American accent

HISTORY: Lego left home after a particularly terrible argument with her parents about dish soap that turned into being about how she had no future. After spending her first night in a 7/11 bathroom, she realized that the only thing she could do and retain her sanity was to join the circus. She trained herself as a unicyclist, and charmed the manager to let her join. She continued to charm audiences of thousands, and made a name for herself and Tiddlywinks Circus. She briefly dated a very beautiful and glamorous tattooed lady, but found her to be overly dramatic. She wandered around in the forest for a while, until she found wonderful magic people, and decided to join them.

FAMILY: She hasn’t talked to her parents since she left home. She calls her brother, who is a famous short-story writer, everyday.

POWERS: She can shoot death out of her pinky. She’s never actually used it, because she doesn’t want to hurt anything that she doesn’t have to.

FAVOURITE WEAPONS: Doesn’t really like weapons much.

OTHER SKILLS: whipping up kick-ass vegan cupcakes in less than 20mins, hugging, taking pesky bugs outside, arguing well, dancing spastically, reading at lightning speed

FRIENDS: Ursula Prase, Quinnera Elviana, Venice Rain, Kallista Pendragon

ENEMIES: Rude people, mean people, stuffy people, people who don’t like unicorns

LIKES: glitter, animals, fancy words, laughing, being barefoot, rain, flannel shirts, awesome music, gingersnap cookies, hugs, giant books, movies with aliens, Shakespeare

DISLIKES: hatefulness, violence, high heels,

ADDRESS: 33 Triceratops rd.
Portland, Oregon

JOB: Does freelance set design and poetry. She has a small fortune from when she was a circus performer, so she doesn’t really need the money.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Her bike, painted with glitter and as fast as a car.

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her mug of hot chocolate.

DESCRIPTION: a little bit chubby, and pretty short. Has “You know what happens when you dream of falling? Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you.
And sometimes, when you fall, you fly” tattooed on her back.

IN FIVE WORDS: the weird girl and proud.

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