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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grindor Blackout

Name: Grindor Blackout, or "Grin" for short.

Gender: Male.

Age: 1641 (he can't remember his exact age), but he looks 19.

Appearance: Tall. He has short brown hair and bright blue eyes. People have said that they can see shadows "dancing" across his eyeballs.

Casual - White hoodie (Never puts his hood up), blue t-shirt, dark jeans and white trainers.
Stealth - Black hoodie (has his hood up), black hockey mask to cover his face, black t-shirt, black jeans and black trainers.

Powers: Natural born mage, has had his powers since birth. He's an Adept. He can draw magic from the air and unleash it in blasts or bolts, which are purple in colour, and create portals to anywhere he thinks about, and next to anyone who he thinks about. His portal creating ability may be connected with the shadows moving around his eyeballs. The portals take about ten seconds to make, so he doesn't use them for battle unless it is long range.

Personality: Kind, caring, a great sense of humour, would risk his life to save his friends. During battle he is deadly, using his magic bolts and blasts to seriously injure, and kill his enemies.

Weapons: Two long hunting knives for close-combat fighting, and a Heckler & Koch P30 (a pistol - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_P30 ) the pistol has been infused with magical energy from his bolts, and therefore can penetrate any material, no matter how thick or strong it is, the bullet appearance remains the same.

Occupation: Ex-police officer. Still has some contacts in the force so it's easy to remain hidden from the law. He was kicked out after he killed someone accidentally after making a portal to space and tripped over, therefore pushing the criminal into the sun. His first words after it "Oops.", just before he got arrested and served thirty years in prison.

History: He was born in a celtic village, he worked as a way of getting to hunt animals for food. When he was seven, his village was destroyed by an evil wizard. He managed to escape through a portal, and therefore surviving the attack. He hunted down the destroyer of his village and killed him, when he was thirteen. When he reached nineteen, his body didn't age any longer, and even at an age of 1641, he still moves and acts as though he was young.
He has been building on his magical powers since the attack on his village, but has only learned how to control them in last decade.
Grindor joined the police force in 1971, and was arrested in the same year. He spent 30 years in prison, until 2001, and then learned to control his powers.
He picked up his P30 pistol in 2009, and infused magic with it.
Grindor Blackout currently lives in Ireland, in a large house on the outskirts of Dublin, despite his age, he isn't smart at all.

Friends: Everyone's OC who comes on the blog. Yes, that's just so much easier than writing them all out. SO YOU ARE ALL INCLUDED! :P

Vehicle: An Audi R10 TDI. Like that is road legal...

He owns a black BMW M3, too.

Oh, and a pickup, a Toyota Hilux, black in colour.

Did I mention that he's rich? It's a good excuse to have a big house and such cars :P

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