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Hey everyone! Welcome to Bio-rama! This is the blog where you post the Bio's of your OC's (original characters) so everyone can look and maybe use the OC in a fanfic or story. To post a Bio, send an email to thespotforbios@gmail.com or ask one of Bio-Rama's members to post for you. Don't worry, they won't bite ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm probably going to delete this after, like, two nights, but...

Remember that blog, 'We the Kings'? By Mary Hiashi, i think.

Well, no-one posted forEVER, so i took the liberty and probably messed up the whole storyline. I don't know.

If you want to check if i have ruined all of your lives with the power of bad writing, you can read the story here:


And seeing as how this has nothing to do with anything, im deleting it soon. Like rrrreeeaaaaalllll soon.

ALSO i noticed that Nicolette hasn't got her character in the Bio-rama. She has a bio, it's on her blog, AND she's an author on this blog, but still, NO O.C!

Hurry, Nicolette!


  1. Hellboy. I'm glad you wrote the next part. I have thought about doing it but became so intiminated!
    We have been trying to get Nicolette on to the Bio for the longest time. Maybe this will get her to try again.

    ...and Hellboy.....

    If you insult your awesome writing skills again, I'm gonna stick bananas in your ears and haunt you FOREVER!!!!