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Friday, January 28, 2011


That's right. One more day to vote. Or two more days. Depending on where you live.

So! If you haven't already voted for the new background, you will need to do that. Scroll down and leave a comment regarding what choices you want.
This isn't entirely why I wanted to post, however.
Well, my O.C, Israel Elysium, actually lives somewhere. Yep.
And I have found out that I've never really told you all where.
Some very smart writers, like Alex, have used a sort of mansion as his home base, where other mages can chill.
I like that idea. So quickly, here's the back-story: Israel's parents owned this mansion way back in the early 1800s, and when they passed away, they left him their house. So from then on, it has posed as his personal sanctuary. And MANY magical beings live there.
So all of your OCs are welcome to it. If your character doesn't yet have a home, they can live in in the mansion with my character, protected by a barrier much like that around the Hibernian Cinema. If you are writing a story where a character is new to magic, this is where they should be sent; to train with fellow mages and not have to hide their power. Plus his mansion could be like a kind of meeting spot, where ( hopefully ) a majority of people will be living.

The only thing is that I do not yet have a name for such a mansion :(


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  1. This is a great idea Hellboy! I think i'll send Anarchy Rose to the casa de Hellboy :)

  2. How about magic asylum, short: MA. ^^

  3. Hmmm....Well, Hogwarts is already taken, sooooo.....

  4. Lol sOme great ideas there... And then all of a sudden- 'stars, stars!' lol

  5. I like the use of 'asylum' and 'manor'. I'm not too sure about 'casa de' tho, cos when that is said I always think of 'casa de Florence', from around the blogs. I don't want to steal that tribute.

    So, Asylum Manor? I think I might do a quick search online for some cool names of places as well.

  6. Oh, how do i contact Lizzy?

    Hav no idea how 2!


  7. And by the way, hellboy.......... (hi, don't know if we've met) i think stars is a GREAT idea, but yeah, great names.......


  8. Hellboy. Give me a day or so to think something clever. (been thinking all day and my puny brain is going to EXPLODE)
    But I'm sure I'll come up with at least ONE idea. :P

  9. Lol Nyx, ur rite, I do not think we have met.

    If u are looking to vote, just scroll down to the previous post, and go into the comments there and put ur votes there.

  10. Hey, is it cool if I send Jaffa to whatever-you-decide-to-call-it-manor-asylum-thingymagig a bit later on in my fanfic?

  11. Sure Jaffa! That would be cool!

    ...'Abode of Elysium'...awesome :D

    Altho 'abode'.... I kno what it means, but, I was thinking something more simple, something that could be shortened down to one word if necessary. Even 'Elysium Manor' would be ok.

    Not that I want to have Elysium Manor as the name. That sounds way to...posh.

  12. But Hellboy. It IS a grand estate right?
    You liked asylum too. You could have it be,
    Elysium Asylum. Seeing as it's a family estate and your oc has a really cool last name that is not used often, it would be cool to use it in the name of the manor!
    I say something with Elysium in it.
    And I wondred, if you could give us ideas of what the manor looks like. Sort of how you showed us what the van looked lik in you oc bio. I know you are already doing a lot of work. But it would be cool to use that in my fanfic! :D

  13. Well hellboy...you could go for some completely underwhelming name, like your character is like welcome to my SUPER, AMAZING, MAGNIFICENT, MAGICAL, EXTRAVAGANT, BRILLIANT - oh who am i kidding, welcome to my house :P

  14. please let me know what you decide to name it!


    Yeah, i like v others bettr.............

  16. Nightshade Mansion?

    i dunno..erm....*mind goes blank*

    oh! oh! I know! Nightshade Asylum?

    ....i just changed mansion to asylum didn't I?

    *sighs and slinks away*

  17. LOL, Alex.

    Alright, I think I've decided. Because Kal had a good point. It IS a grand estate, so some big words are needed. And it IS a family estate, so definitely Elysium. And it is a sanctuary to most, serenity,
    (MALCOM FRIGGIN' REYNOLDS!!!), so Asylum is perfect (thnx Aquila).

    So, I like Elysium Asylum. All in favor? ( say 'aye' if you want this to be the new name. If not, say 'nay' and we'll look at some other options.)

  18. And Kal, I'll start looking for reference straight away.

  19. hey, does anyone know how i can contact lizzy? i'd like to post something vvvvvvvv important

  20. Well first u need to go to the Followers part of this blog (top right somewhere) and find Lizzy's icon ( it's her blog, she should be following it ) and then click on it. A small window will come up, and will have multiple things like what blogs she follows and even an option to add her as a friend on Blogger. However, there should be a button that says 'Send me a message'. Click that, and send ur message.