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Friday, March 2, 2012

Rose's OC

Pink Rose
TAKEN NAME:  Pink Rose
GIVEN NAME:  Has none
TRUE NAME:  No one knows

GENDER:  Female
AGE:  14

HAIR COLOUR: Royal blue
HAIR STYLE:  Not too short, not too long, thick enough, cool side-fringe
EYE COLOUR:  Sky blue
HEIGHT: 5” 6
WEIGHT: Six stone
BODY TYPE: Skinny enough, toned

PERSONALITY: Is pretty friendly but will have an argument if challenged. Can be funny, can be annoying, but is generally friendly. Doesn’t like being made fun of. Glares a lot.

WEARS: SUPER comfortable black skinny jeans, slim black boots with a tiny bit of heel, dark pink or dark purple t-shirts/ hoodies. Wears black sleeper earrings.

FAV COLOURS: Royal blue, dark pink

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Is Irish, and has a mild Dublin accent

POWERS: Elemental and metamorhpmagus (like Tonks)
FAVOURITE WEAPONS:  Really dark blue gun
OTHER SKILLS: Can kick really well.

FRIENDS: Komodo Devious, White Willow, Crystal Darkflair, Iris Blackflower, Aquila Felis, Nicolette Croga, Flame Phoenix, Skyril, and many many more
ENEMIES: Hitler’s ghost/spirit and a few members of spg
LIKES: Most food, nice people, reading, writing, SP and HP, red bull, lilt
HATES: Blood, death, potatoes, bitches, school work/homework and tidying

TRANSPORT: Is unfortunately too young to drive yet
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: her black boots
DESCRIPTION: Pink Rose is tall-ish, skinny-ish, slightly tanned and is pretty weird

NOTES: This isnt’ actually ME, it’s my OC

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  1. Doy! of course noone knows your true name. i would laugh at your misery if they did.