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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Raphael Pendragon (AU)

NAME: Raphael Pendragon, Raff for short.

AGE: 121 but looks to be in his 20’s to early 30’s.


HAIR: Black, straight. Has a small handlebar moustache.

EYE COLOR:  Lavender Blue

HEIGHT:  5ft11

WEIGHT: average weight. Is broad shouldered and fit but not overly muscular.

PERSONALITY: He has natural charisma but amplifies it when in front of an audience. He literally leaves them spellbound and mesmerized. He is confident and cunning.

WEARS: Expensive suites in the 1920’s style.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT:  He is of Romanian decent belonging to a nomadic group of gypsies. He can mimic every accent easily but as none on his own.

FAMILY & HISTORY: Was born to Raphaela and Vasile Pendragon in 1891.  His mother is a gypsy princess. His father is from a power family in the performing arts background. Both sides are steeped in magic. Raphaela grew restless after spending too much time in one place and left her family to be with the gypsies once more.

Vasile focused his career mostly as a magician and taught his son all he knew. But Raphaela longed for her son and spirited him away one night at the age of ten.

 Raff got another kind of education then in his travels. Far and wide the gypsies traveled everywhere. Raff’s natural magic then began to emerge. They went to places like Spain, Egypt, China, Japan, India, and everywhere in between performing for magic and mortal towns alike. Raff showed an interest in the martial arts as well as magic. His powers are focused on allowing him to learn different martial arts at a single glance. He was taught boxing and hand to hand combat from a girl his age named Blair Mahoney. Both became best friends as he discovered that she too had a background in magic. They have been close ever since they first met.

From his gypsy grandmother Latisha he learned how to draw and paint. His magic flowed through his artwork.  *See below to get more details.*

However his father caught up to them in Italy and had a fierce augment with his wife. Tempers flared and a huge feud erupted between Raphaela and Vasile’s clans.

Tired of being used as a tool by his parents to provoke each other, Raff left home at age seventeen with his magic art supplies. His travels took him many places that he would not have had with either his mother or father. He used his charm to pose as a son of some obscure nonexistent Duke and finished his education in a first rate University in England.

For a period he lived as a normal privileged man might live, making money and becoming fairly wealthy. He visited his parents from time to time, knowing they loved each other yet still insisted on fighting one another, sabotaging each other’s careers when they could. For his peace of mind he lets them to it and stays as clear as long as no physical harm comes to them or those around them.

In 1936 he faked his own death. He then left behind the life he had briefly led with the mortals and traveled with a circus as a cover. During that time he discovered he had a natural magical ability to speak to animals, both domestic and wild alike.

In the mid 1940’s he decided to start his own circus. Hiding out in the basement of one of his old properties, he spent the next decade building everything by hand, pouring his magic into every big and little detail. From the tiniest piece of metal to a wooden plank, he forge it all, hammered, sawed, sewed, painted, and put together the train and the tents that would house him and his circus family.  Nothing can ever sabotage the train or wreck it. It will never break down or rust or peel or e infected with termites or other pests.

With care he used his secret contacts to put together a trustworthy crew who could put on a show, do their duties without malice or cruelty to one another or the animals, and be loyal to him.

During his travels with the circus he follows a certain routine. He goes on ahead of the train as they near a town and scouts for an audience. He also steals from wealthy jerks who take pleasure in screwing other people over. He then gives the money to the needy.

Recently he has found a friend, a young magical Colossal Squid who he has taken up the task of protecting, Dolores Ambrosius


POWERS: Has the ability to fight in many different styles of martial arts. Is proficient in all weaponry from guns to swords. Prefers to use his fists.



OTHER SKILLS: He is able to instantly create these works of art that are lifelike. He can walk through these painting to get away from danger if he needs too. He can also paint from memory a place he has been too and then walk into it as if stepping through a window. He has a special painting where he can visit with Dolores whenever he needs too. Often he likes to read her stories and spend time with her.

FRIENDS: Dolores Ambrosius, Arcturus Fracture, Jericho Matteus, Scarlet Sky Hope, Blair Mahoney. (and of course others who still yet have to turn in their AU OC’s) *and the people who Kal Pendragon is friends with.*

ENEMIES: Bullies, poachers, animal and child abusers, condescending people, patronizing people, overbearing people, stuffy full of themselves people, snobs, fake people, terrorists, people who take advantage of others or use the system badly.

HATES: Bullies, poachers, animal and child abusers, condescending people, patronizing people, overbearing people, stuffy full of themselves people, snobs, fake people, terrorists, people who take advantage of others or use the system badly.

LIKES: veggies with melted cheese on top, nature, festivals, children, animals, well tailored suits, music. Loves beautiful women. *waggles eyebrows* He is a perfect gentleman though. (even to the ugly ones: and I can say that cause I am one of the ugly ones.) ;P

ADDRESS: Where ever his next stop on the Wild Magical Emporium Circus Express is.

JOB: Ringman for the circus. Has taken over the roles as Strongman, the Lion Tamer, and as a Trapeze Artist on occasion as needed.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Wild Magical Emporium Express, his train that he made himself.

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT:  His hat, whether it is a Panama, Fedora, or a top hat, he is always wearing one. (Except in fist fights)

IN FIVE WORDS: Cunning, Debonair, Fighter, Protector, Benevolent



  1. I loved this! Really epic work, I'm glad to see it all come together :D

    I think the third picture is exactly what I thought he would look like :P the mustache, the hat, the tie...

    Would love to see a story with Raphael in it :)

  2. This is really brilliant xD

    Shall change my AU bio to add Raphael immediately.

    Love the third picture. Like Hellboy I think it captures Raphael best :D

  3. Thanks. :D He is not as epic as you guys but he will do. I had a hard time finding a pic that would show most of who Raf is. All the others are just examples of styles that resemble the 1920's period. Also, I gave up looking for a decent ringmaster outfit. I found some things that were close butnot goor enough. :P

  4. Wow he is really perfect!!! He's so cooooool

    Brilliant Kallie!!!

  5. OMG. I love this :D

    Wanna read a story with Raphael in it :D