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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hestia Honeysuckle

Name: Hestia Honeysuckle
Age: 113 looks 54
Gender:  Female
Hair color: Has long thick curly red hair. Usually pulled back in a stylish updo
Eye color: Green
Height:  5 ft7
Weight: 145 pounds
Appearance:  Slightly chubby, very pretty in an interesting way. Smiles a lot.
Magic type:  Adept. Uses her magic to make delicious, fancy confections and baked goods that will never rot teeth or cause anyone to gain weight. She also has delicious bread she makes that will keep a person healthy and feeling full with just one bite. This special bread is specifically for use for those who are on missions for the Sanctuary.
Nationality: A mixture of Irish, German, and Swedish
Clothes: Stylish, high quality, but a bit old fashioned looking dresses, and skirts.
Job: Runs a family owned business in Dublin. Her candy store is right next to Niall’s bookstore, The Broken Spine. Has a small chain of her restaurants in London, Yorkshire, and Edinburgh.
Thor, Octaboona Ambrosius, Nicolette Croga,  Skyril Oblivion, Jodi Harte, Israel Elysium, Bridget Whiplash, Skylara Wolfbane, Evangeline Crow, Aquila Felis, Insanity Nova Moonshine, Sarthacus Bolt, Dragona Pine, Florence Black, Alex Night, Darkane Claw, Mary Hiashi, Deryn Mellifluous, Leo Sparks, Lillivale Diamondsnipe, Thrice Dozer, Nyx Dawn, Lunar Tears, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, Jaffa Morbid, Rosella Embers, Morgana Wolf, Niall Montblanc, Everisse EternaGepard ValkLilith Nightshade, Thalia CirceQuinnera Elviana, Chanoro Flashfreeze, Soot FeatherwingMarch Pathway, Arcturus Lakison, Kenneth James Lakison, Venice Rain, Lego Incongruous
Personality and features: She is extremely friendly and kind. She is also a bit eccentric. (see below) She likes to spy on Niall and Ven and will create havoc with them just to stir things up a bit. She is very gentle with young children and animals.
Likes: Friends. Making deserts and candy.
Loves: little Quinn. Adores her.  Octaboona Ambrosius. (is convinced he is her twin brother even though he is far to old) Israel Elysium (every now and then shows up at his door wearing a veil and asking if he will marry her. Will also pull pranks to try and trick him into coming to a chapel. Almost succeeded once in marriage.)
Dislikes: Enemies, vegetables, Dentists, Diets, people with no humor, people who do not like children or animals. People who do not respect nature.
Enemies:  People who hurt other people and children. People who are mean.  Dr. Noogles the Dentist who is convinced she has a cavity.

History: Was raised in a magical family with two older brothers. Neither of her brothers wanted to take over the family business so Hestia took over at the age of 21. Her parents are still living, though very old. They like to travel the world but when they come to visit Hestia, she tries to hide. She has never been married though she came close one time to marring Israel. Her parents are still after her to get married.

A younger Hestia
Will add more later.


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  2. awesome Kal! She seems like a really nice and funny lady :D

  3. She's awesome! I'd love to know someone like her in real life. Brilliant!

  4. She is just the most adorable lil thing like eva!

    (I don't know why I thought that in a high pitched Southern US drawl type accent)

    So amazing and awesome. Sounds like an awful lot of fun!

    You are so talented with these characters Kal!

    Love them all!

  5. Epica :D Now, someone put her in a fanfic, straight away :P

  6. She shows up at Israel's doorstep in a wedding gown?!

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