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Monday, July 25, 2011

Venice Rain OC

 Venice Rain

Name: Dr Venice Rain.
DOB and/or Nationality: half English, half Irish, brought up in England (was born half-way through the war), spends 30% of her time in Ireland, the rest in Venice, London or Paris. Looks about 29/30.
Magic: Super-speed (once out-ran a vampire) Heightened agility, ‘thick skin’ - really a shield a millimetre over her skin that automatically activates on impact. Useful if your best friend spends a lot of his time blowing stuff up. Or if you’re not looking where you’re going when sprinting at ridiculous speeds.
Family: Was trained by her father. Her mother died when she was very young, and her father was a reformed assassin, so she met the odd hit-man or killer. However, he was also close with Anton Shudder (see below - she sees him as an uncle figure, but closer) and Skulduggery Pleasant, and knew the rest of the dead men too. Her father was fiercely protective of her, but occasionally irresponsible, and had no idea how to bring up a kid. He was a good man, and respected by many, but some hated his stubbornness and strong principles. He killed only those who he knew needed to be killed, and only answered to Morwenna Crow and Eachan Meritorious. she whatched him sacrife himself when she was 22. Few believed he actually sacrifced himself (including Guild) but those who knew him well do.
Relationships: best friend: Dr Finn Guenuine. They first met on the boat to Dublin when they were about 30, and have been inseparable since. ((I WILL ADD PEOPLE AS THEY COME INTO THE STORY!)) edit: NJ!
Occupation: Historian, specialising in Mythology and Ledgends. Was offered a job as the Irish Sanctuaries official Historian by Guild, but she turned it down, in support of Skulduggery. Now reconsidering.
Faction: Aided in many covert operations during the war due to her ability to get in, get what was needed, then get out.
Misc: Rumoured to of out-ran many a vampire, though there is little evidence either way in most cases.
She’s very sensitive, but hides it well. If someone is upset she is very good at getting them to calm down and see the bright side, but has no patience for drama queens. very un-superstitious. Has a Holmes style of looking at things - ‘when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth’ is her mantra.

Deep red/brown hair, with messy loose curls that she keeps short (just shoulder length, and in a slight bob) and tied up, but has a habit of escaping. Sea-green eyes, pale skin. Gets bored very easily, but can be enraptured forever in a good book, or a historical conundrum. Suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) due to the fact that one day she ended up in almost the middle of an all out battle when only 9 years old (Dialberie vs Dead men). She froze, and was rescued by Anton Shudder, and they’ve been close ever since.
She was asked to join Guilds ‘Exigency’ program close to the end of the war. She refused. 

*This awesome OC was posted by  permission.

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