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Friday, July 15, 2011

Quinnera Elviana: OC Bio


Name: Quinnera Elviana (commonly known as Quinn)

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Description: Very pale skin, almost ghostly but has a healthy glow about her. Is very very cute. She’s rather short, and quite slim.

Hair: Long and black, normally tied up in bunches with purple ribbons

Eyes: Quinn has large, dark, round, inquisitive and expressive eyes. She can also give people a very creepy death stare and/or do brilliant puppy dog eyes (which tends to get people to give her what she wants).

Height: 1.1m (or 3ft 7”)

Weight: Pretty average.

Powers: Quinn is a natural born sensitive, and a very powerful one. Gets very strong visions and can also call upon any knowledge if required.

Personality: She acts very cute and bubbly, charismatic and charming. However, if anyone tries to get ask her anything that she doesn’t want to give away, she throws a massive temper tantrum. She is incredibly secretive. On the plus side, if she sees something that she feels a person ought to know, she does tell them. However, this is on very rare occasion. Although she adores strawberry lollipops, they do not work as a form of bribery.

Wears: Cutesy little girl dresses, with petticoats and the works. Sleeps satin nightgowns. Her favourite colour to wear is either purple, white or blue, but she likes to wear any colour.

Nationality and Accent: British. She speaks with a clear accent, Queens English. But sometimes she puts on a little bit of a lisp, to be cuter. But only when she wants something.

History and Family: Her family has traces back to the British Royal Family, and she’s actually 28th in line for the throne. So if there was an earthquake at Buckingham Palace… Anyway. Both her parents were Adepts, but not very powerful ones (at all). They died in a car crash (it was actually a car crash- there is no long conspiracy theory. Just a car crash) when she was very young, so she was sent to Elysium Asylum as a baby. She grew up there and spends most of her time there, though occasionally goes to a little house she has just outside London, or a cottage she has in rural Ireland. Here she was taught by any sensitives who happened to be dropping in, as well as learning from books. Although powerful before, she has grown from strength to strength.

Favourite Weapons: None. Unless a lollipop counts as a weapon.

Other Skills: Adorableness. Tons of it.

Friends: Anyone who carries sweets and cookies with them.

Enemies: The dark side.

Hates: Vegetables, especially cabbage, arrogance, people who try to use her, people who are too inquisitive about the future for their own good.

Likes: Lollipops (especially strawberry flavoured), cookies, hugs, being adorable, singing (loudly), reading and the sun.

Job: Doesn’t have/need one. Has a large amount of inheritance money and gets some funds from the royal family. Additionally, people often give her money if she has assisted them greatly.

Mode of Transportation: A lift from someone else, if required.

Never Seen Without: Clothes

This EPICA OC was posted with persmission from Quinnera Elviana. :D

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