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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dragona Pine

Dragona Pine.

This is my characters bio:

Name: Dragona Pine.
Gender: Male
Age: 83, but looks about twenty.

Magic: Extremely powerful Elemental, more powerful than Skulduggery.

Description: Tall, 6ft 4, with short brown hair and brown eyes.

Favourite Weapons: Twin Katanas, master at using guns as well.

Personality: Friendly, but thinks that if there is no need to speak, then he will not. He is quite modest, and enjoys killing Zombies and Vampires.

Vehicle: Porsche 911 GT3 RS that can turn into : A plane, a boat, a submarine and a helicopter. (x2, one black and orange, one white and red), these can change colours to suit Dragona, but these are the colours they normally are.


Likes: Fighting, Cars, Talking and Driving fast.

Dislikes: Vampires, Zombies, Faceless Ones and Remnants.

History: Was born in Yorkshire, he has a Yorkshire accent and will often refer to things which Yorkshire people do. His mum and dad were killed when he was five, but the attacker did not kill him. When he was twenty, he tracked down the killer and threw him off a building, it so happened that the killer was a Vampire, so that is why he hates them. The killer died from the fall.
When he was thirty, he was beaten up in a fight in a pub in Roarhaven, the guy was a self-healing Zombie, who knocked him out with a bottle of beer.
He then became powerful, and studied Elemental magic to the extreme. He met Tanith Low and they fought alongside for several years in the 1970s.
After a couple of years, he managed to track down the Zombie who beat him up, and he 'accidentally' ended up jumping out of a plane, and died because there was little of him to repair himself.
Dragona is known to carry grudges, such as the hate of Vampires and Zombies, and often kills who ever beats him up or kills someone he knows. Apart from this, he is a friendly character, and has a love of video games. He has been training for the last few years on physical attacks, and is a master at all known fighting styles, he can easily escape from enemies if he so wishes, doing flips and spins are another trick he has learned in training. He has not been known to fight in major battles in Ireland, but he had been involved in the battle involving the Faceless Ones, and Skulduggery had tried to shoot him, mistaking him for a person who had been overtaken by the Faceless Ones. He likes his twin Katanas which he picked up over the years, and is a master at using them, can mow down enemies within seconds, and one blow. He is too young to have fought in the war, but knows plenty about it.

Friends: Sarthacus Bolt, Kallista Pendragon, Evangaline Crow, Nicolette Croga, Skyril Oblivion, Skylara Wolfbane, Israel Elysium, Florence Black, Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkrie Cain and Tanith Low.

There, all you need to know about my character, and for people who want to use it in stories.

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