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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thor's OC

AGE: 17
WEIGHT: 180 lbs
PERSONALITY: He is cocky, speaks very well. He is mysterious and very little is actually known about him. He is very in to theatrics and dramatic entrances/exits. Has a habbit of stepping out of shadows when no one knew he was there. Enjoys blowing things up. Whenever he fights or chases someone, he puts in his iPod earphones. He does this because he wishes his life had a soundtrack.
WEARS: a punk rock style leather jacket, a black and white striped dress shirt underneath black jeans, open knuckle leather gloves, black (steel-toed) combat boots, and studded leather bands around his lower arms. wears reflective aviator sunglasses
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: American, has a slight New York accent
HISTORY: CLASSIFIED. If anyone asks him, he smiles, and ignores the question altogether. All that is known is that his brother, Loki, killed Thor's girlfriend, Sif.
FAMILY: His brother Loki. And (deceased) father, Odin.
POWERS: He is a Necromancer who's main power is shooting black shadow-lightning out of a huge war hammer (his necromancy-weapon-thing)
FAVORITE WEAPONS: His necromancer war hammer. one side of the hammer-head is flat (traditional hammer style) and the other is sharp like an axe. Also carries a Berreta handgun, and an army knife.
OTHER SKILLS: He can fly, and in a storm, he can channel the storm's lightning and hit his enemies with it. Also, speaks Spanish, French, German, Greek, Mandarin, etc. He is also very good looking. He is an experienced free-runner/ parkour-er.
FRIENDS: His father, Odin (deceased). Kallista
ENEMY'S: His brother, Loki.
HATES: People who do not appreciate how good looking he is.
LIKES: Attractive women. Rock music.
ADDRESS: 221B Baker Street, London.
JOB: Assasin. Con-Artist. Bounty hunter.
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: His armored motorcycle.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: His "Thor's Hammer" necklace.
DESCRIPTION: il figure that out later
IN FIVE WORDS: later also.
2 things u need 2 kno bout my character (Thor):
1. He's a pathological liar. He tends to lie to anyone about anything, regardless of wether they are his friend or enemy. He rarely answers the same question the same way twice.
2. This one won't suprise you. Right before he kills people, he smiles and winks at them ;)
He has blue eyes- electric blue. The color of static electricity.
He has medium lenght hair which spikes up a bit in the front.
He likes running, climbing, and jumping off of things. He's an expert at parkour (and he uses it when he chases/hunts people). In case you don't know, parkour is this kind of stuff:


Also: here is a link to a picture of what his hammer looks like:


He is a good guy. So don't make me evil, if you're considering that!!
Also, he wears a grey chain around his waist thru the belt loops on his jeans instead of wearing a belt. He clips pocket and holsters for his weapons and other stuff to the rings on the chain.
He has a a tattoo of a thin black lightning bolt that starts just below the the right side of his jawbone that snakes down his neck, over his right shoulder, around and around his right arm all the way down to the back of his right hand. It glows the color of his eyes when he uses his hammer. Also, theres a letter tattooed on each of the knuckles on his right hand. they spell T-H-O-R.

He flirts with girls compulsively (but of course, that doesn't surprise u or anyone else that knows me :P)

He is trained in all kinds of sword fighting, but prefers his hammer. But if the need arises, or if any of his sword wielding friends want to spar, he will sword fight.

Also... you're probably wondering wear he keeps his huge hammer (it's roughly the length of his right arm- from shoulder to fingertip). His leather jacket has leather loops on the back that his sticks the handle of the hammer thru.

*Posted By Queen Kallista without Thor's permission. In my defense, he said I could use his OC. He has taken off both his blogs from public viewing however and does not come onto chat or the blogs to talk. He left me with no choice and I need his OC where I can find it easier.

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