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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tristessa Murano :OC

Name: Nicknames: Tessa or Tess
Age: 550, but looks around 22
Gender: Female
Hair: Loosely curled chesnut brown. Not very dark, not very light. Just over shoulder length, so that it can be easily tied back, though normally she keeps it down.
Eyes: Lavender coloured, with flecks of a darker purple.
Height: 5’5”
Weight: Lighter and thinner than most. Around 7 stone.
Personality: Has a very strong and independent personality, but is generally rather light-hearted. Mysterious at times, and loyal to friends. Has a hot-temper.
Wears: Urm… clothes? Mainly dark colours, almost business-like. Generally suit trousers (but very comfortable and moveable ones) and some sort of blouse. And her cloak, which is crimson and covered in symbols, which are insanely powerful.With her cloak, she can do almost anything (except make a jammy dodger appear from no where, she’s still working on that).
Nationality and Accent: Ethinically Italian but has an English accent as she lives in England.
History: She’s been through a lot. She was thrown out of her homeland, Italy, for betraying the Italian Sanctuary (by giving away some of their secrets to a criminal who nearly destroyed the Italian Sanctuary). Afterwards, she fled to England and with the help of some good friends, she managed to rehabilitate her image and got work in the English Sanctuary. Afterwards, she was transferred to the Irish Sanctuary. Previous to her work in the Italian Sanctuary, she did a lot of freelance work in symbols, many of which was for criminals (unbeknownst to her). She feels a lot of inner-guilt because of this and that is why she works for the sanctuary.
Family: An only child. She doesn’t know where her parents are and hasn’t seen them since she was in Italy. Their names were Mateo and Theresa.
Powers: An adept, working within symbols. An expert at her field, was taught by China Sorrows.
Favourite Weapons: A small golden dagger, used in self defence only.
Other Skills: Knows a variety of martial arts, and is rather academically gifted. Can play a large variety of musical instruments (for no apparent reason).
Hates: Fighting, violence, show-offs, drugs, depression, war.
Likes: Peace, starbursts, music, good food.
Address: Constantly changes.
Job: Freelance symbols work and sanctuary work.
Mode of Transportation: Symbols can take her to most places she needs to go as she has set up symbols in many different places, most of which are significant to her, though some are just capital cities. Should she need to go anywhere else, walking and car sharing work the best.
Never seen without: Her crimson cloak.
In Five Words: Mysterious, loyal, guilty, gentle, powerful.

Okay, so, if you want to know anything else, leave a comment. If you want to use her, feel free, but would you mind leaving a comment so I can read it? Also, if someone wants to put this on Biorama, go for it :D To be honest, I'm not really sure why I put this up... but anyway... My fanfic will not be continuing, though I will eventually post the remainder of The Criminal Statement of Amelie Gibson!
Tristessa Murano