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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gepard Valk

Gepard Valk OC
Name: Gepard Valk
Age:27 but will look 14 for a few centuries
Height: 5 foot 6”
Occupation: Zombie Hunter, Vampire Hunter.
Hair Style: Emo
Hair Colour: Dark Black
Build: Slim, strong-muscled
Eye Colour: Electric Blue
Nationality: Irish
Weapons: One sword strapped to his back, and a belt that goes around his shoulder and slants to the other side of his body, full of stakes.
Ability: Adept. Has all powers of Elemental but has the power to command lightning also.
Personality: Is always not happy and not sad. Only when someone dies will he get sad. Only when he saves the world will he be happy.
Friends: Has none
Enemies: Zombies and Vampires, mainly Dusk.
History: Was a lonely boy with no friends. But he liked it that way. He was in a playground on a swing when something came up from behind and attacked him. He was knocked unconscious and woke up in a basement where he discovered he could command the elements including lightning to do his bidding. Angrily, he tore the place apart and found out that a Vampire named Dusk attacked him, has been trying to get revenge ever since. The vampire named Dusk killed his family.

This is posted by Kallista pendragon with the permission of Gepard Valk.


  1. When I wrote Mage I meant Adept.
    *looks at ground embarassed*
    Could you correct it please?

  2. Awesome, Gepard! this is the first time I've looked at your OC, but it's really epic. I like it a lot.