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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Niall Montblanc, OC of Niall, The Guy With the Boring Name.

- Character Name: Niall Montblanc
- Pronunciation of the Name: Nye-al Mohnt-blahnk
- Character Job: Student-y type thing

- Character Personality He likes to know things, has a good sense of humour, and he enjoys sarcasm and geek humour. He's pretty relaxed, and doesn't let much get on his nerves. However, Niall despises bullies. He dislikes physical conflict, but he can hold his own in an argument. (Or a fight. He's pretty handy if he wants to be.) If somebody's giving him trouble, he'd rather beat them up with facts and comebacks than get into a fight.
   Although he can be pretty shy, he's also fiercely loyal to the friends he does have. He loves to read, and he aspires to be an author, as well as a detective. He was fairly over-confident before discovering magic, so his ego is even bigger now he knows he's "Special".
- Character Likes: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Reading, teh internets, writing.
- Character Dislikes: Bullies, being wrong.
- Mental Traits Kind of arrogant, but is smart enough for it to be justified. Is observant, and is good at retaining information. Sometimes a little scared...

-Allegiance: Neutral Good
-Race: Human
-Reasons for Allegiance: He dislikes evil. That's it.

-True Age 16
-Appearance Age 16
-Character Birthday: 20th July
-Bio: Once upon a time, in a tiny town in Northern Ireland, an old, Obi-Wan Kenobi style guy showed up randomly. Niall was just a nerdy kid who loved to read the Skulduggery books, amongst other stuff. After seeing the old guy shoot fire from his hands, and set another man on fire, Niall kept pestering him, asking him who and/or what he was. The guy showed him some very basic elemental magic, and then left.
   Niall then traveled to Dublin, to China's library. He learnt as much as he could, and got a coat made for him by a grumpy guy with a scarred face. Some sanctuary agents noticed his flair for scholarly magic, and tried to recruit him, but he declined. Now he's looking for adventure, and a mentor.

- Character Skin Color/Ethnicity: White
- Character Height: 5' 11"
- Character Hair Colour: Black. Really black.
- Character Hair Length/ Style Short, but not a buzz-cut. He doesn't style it, as he doesn't see the point.
- Character Eye Colour: Brown, but greeny-brown surrounding the pupils.
- Character Description: Tall-ish for his age, and a little bit lanky. Not especially strong, although he can run for a good while, and his long legs allow him to sprint as good as most athletes. Since discovering magic, he's been exercising.
- Character Attire: He wears glasses, even though they can be inconvenient. Although he dislikes the term "Geek Chic", it's probably the best way to describe his style. He usually wears jeans and a T-shirt. The shirt is often black, and usually has something like "There's no place like" on it. He often wears a long brown trenchcoat with lots of pockets on the inside lining, so that he can carry stuff.

- Large Equipment: Laptops are kind of big... He only carries it sometimes.
- Small Equipment: A book to read. A notebook. A pen. Twine. Swiss army knife. Matches. Snacks. MP3 Player and Earphones. More snacks.
- Pocket Items: The aforementioned stuff.
- Ammunition: Bullets.
- Weaponry: Swiss army knife. A gun he never, ever uses.

- Elemental Or Adept: Still in training. Elemental and some Adept.
- Specialization: Air for elemental. Scholarly magic for adept.
Ability Specific Info: The ability to retain any information he reads. Basic adoptive muscle memory
- Strengths: Intelligence.
- Weaknesses Fighting adepts who focus on power.
- Training A mage came to his hometown and taught him of magic after he refused to leave the guy alone. He traveled to China's library and picked stuff up from there. (See bio)

- Major Goal: Be awesome. Learn everything. Meet the mythical Skulduggery he's heard so much about. Become a freelance detective. Get published. Don't worry. Be happy.
- Minor Goals: Get better at magic, choose a discipline. Find out the old guy's name.
- Reasoning behind goal: He wants to be the very best, like no-one ever was.
- Motivation: Ego. ^_^;

Posted with the permission of, Niall, The Guy With the Boring Name.


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  2. hey, isnt that- "Be the very best, like no one ever was." a line in the pokemon theme song? the original opening?

  3. ~headdesks~
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    This is the first time I've ever actually read your OC. It's pretty awesome! :D