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Monday, March 28, 2011

Deryn Mellifluous aka Skulgirl

unruly dark curly brown hair, pulled back into a ponytail. Hair is long, to mid back.
startling bright blue eyes,
Age: Lost count after 40 years. Looks to be about 13 years old.
Wears jeans and boots.
weapon broad sword
karate expertish,
very friendly almost always or very mean when she needs to be almost scary mean,
loves to fight chop people up always wants to use her sword,
spaces out a lot when shes off duty
loves to draw and write and sing she doesn't look like she would be able to take down a weakling but she can take down a whole army with her swords
Also does necromancy
keeps her past to herself

This was posted by permission. Please ask Skulgirl before using her awesome OC.
Thank you!